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What's with all this Swedish stuff?

In May 2003 Kevin and Wendy O'Connor visited Sweden, because the IKEA store in Hamilton, Ontario ran out of meatballs ...

Actually, Kevin was invited to give a workshop on the inner workings of tube amplifiers to members of Sweden's GMF tube-tips newsgroup. For more information on how that went, see our 2003 workshop report. In a nutshell, it went great!

In the course of running our business, and of the workshop trip, we have found that Swedes and Canadians are eerily similar - there aren't that many of them in the world, but they wield great influence in technology and culture. Think of Sweden next time you peel a potato or sit on a juice box; think of Canada next time you admire Lorne Greene on Bonanza or Lorne Michaels on Saturday Night Live.

Canadians and Swedes also have a similar brand of silliness - or, we hope so, because some Swedes might read this ...

In any case, we are proud to count many Swedes among our friends, and to promote their enterprises. Check out Sweden - it's up north and a bit to the right.

In May 2004 Kevin and Wendy again visited Sweden, this time in search of the elusive muppet, The Swedish Chef. During our quest we stayed in the homes of Owe, Martin and Ola, all of whom are wonderful chefs, and all of whom are Swedish, but none of whom are muppets, as far as we can tell. The trip would have been a complete failure but for the well-received workshop Kevin gave, entitled "Tube Amps - What Makes Them Go".

Well, actually, the workshop didn't have a title, but that would have been a good one...

Thanks again to all our friends in Sweden - chefs, muppets and otherwise. We were truly touched by your warm hospitality!

who's a muppet?

For more marvy info on Sweden, visit www.sweden.se

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