SUPER STANDARD Vacuum-Tube Guitar Preamplifier

SUPER STANDARD 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Guitar Preamplifier (1U)
$2,130 CND (approx. $1,710 USD)London Power Super Standard

SUPER STANDARD builds upon the tone legacy of our London Power Standard Preamp, providing classic warm clean tones, hot-rodded distortion tones, and adding the Zen and Swede gain of modern metal. Tubes create the entire sound while solid-state circuitry provides a low-noise effects loop, dual outputs, DI and buffered Link for connection to other preamps 

uses two of 12AX7 or any of 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7, 12AX7, ECC-81/-82/-83, or equivalent
low-gain channel has 3 voicing switches
high-gain channel has 6 voicing switches
front-panel effects loop controls
low-noise effects loop and output circuitry
two impedance-matched ground-compensated TRS 1/4" outputs
impedance-matched ground-compensated XLR for D.I. output
front panel switches for channel and loop selection
remote control via TRS jacks or DIN6
regulated voltages
1U  3.4kg,17"W x 1.7"H x 6.5" D (plus tubes)
120V, 240V range switch
rack-mountable with optional kit

SUPER STANDARD covers the range of pristine clean, warm clean, mild over-drive, 70s crunch, hot-rodded 80s sustain, up to the Zen and Swede magic of modern metal. Classic clean sounds and mild to heavy saturation are produced with low noise and excellent note articulation and sustain. The player can set the voicing and gain structure using the voicing switches and Drive and Level controls for each channel, then easily switch between a Low-Gain sound and a High-Gain sound using the front panel switch or remote control.

Where a full EQ per channel is preferred by some players, most actually set the EQs the same, so in the confines of a 1U front panel a shared EQ makes sense. One of the Low-Gain Channel's three voice switches is a mid-shift for the High EQ control, producing a nice clean 'chime' sound. The High-Gain Channel provides any modern iconic tone you desire. Blackmore. van Halen. Yngwie (Swede). Vai (Zen). Iommi. Roth. If you can play it, the tone is here. Set each channel how you like and use Loud to make everything louder or quieter without altering the channel balance.

London Power Super Standard rearSUPER STANDARD has a full-feature effects loop that can handle line-level devices or pedals, as well as series or mixing modes. Front-panel Send and Return level controls combine with a rear-panel 20dB switch to accommodate any signal level, and any signal-handling capability of the external device. The loop is ground compensated and impedance matched to eliminate ground loops.

SUPER STANDARD has two instrument input jacks, with the front panel jack over-riding the rear-panel jack. There is a buffered Link output to fan out the guitar signal to other preamps, tuner, etc. The buffered signal can be used to drive the tube stages if one wishes, by activation of the BF switch on the rear panel. "Where's the beef?" It's on the rear panel.

Dual main outputs allow many system connections, for use with multiple amplifiers or for split recording and monitoring. Each output has its own level control. The LP low-pass filter for the main outputs can be enabled for direct connection to a mixer or PA, or left 'off' to drive multiple guitar amps for a zoned stage. There is also a D.I. (direct injection) output that tracks the raw output after the effects loop. The main outputs use TRS 1/4" jacks where the D.I. has an XLR. All outputs are impedance matched and ground compensated to eliminate ground loops between equipment.

All of SUPER STANDARD's sounds and features can be accessed by front-panel switches. Standard 1-button and 2-button push-on/off foot switches can also be used for remote switching, connected by way of the TRS 1/4" rear panel FSW jack. More sophisticated control is tied in via the DIN6 connector, matching London Power's FS4-2W foot control (sold separately). FS4-2W provides direct-random access to either channel with or without the effects, so four system voices A,B,Ax,Bx; and it has 2-way communication: you can hit a switch on FS4-2W OR on SUPER STANDARD's face plate and the LEDs on both will change along with the system status selected. Of course, one can use the DIN6 to link to other types of controller.

SUPER STANDARD incorporates all of London Power's standard design and construction features:

toroidal power transformers
fusing for all transformer windings
Galactic Grounding
active hum filtering
long-life capacitors
low-noise metal-film resistors
metal-oxide and wire-wound power resistors
zero wiring
zero standby power when switched 'off'

SUPER STANDARD can be rack mounted using the optional 1U6-BRKT, sold as pairs.

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