The Ultimate Tone Embodied

The Ultimate Tone Embodied

The Ultimate Tone Captured in Real Hardware

The Ultimate Tone (TUT) book series shows hobbyists, amp builders and players how to attain their personal Ultimate Tone. One can learn how amps work, how to modify them for different sounds, and how to wire an amp for the best note articulation and lowest noise. Despite the large number of players and the diversity of musical interests and styles, a common range of tone exists that most players like. The ability to go beyond that range in one direction or another is what gives specific amps their character. For some players, that common, "safe" range of tone is the ideal and it is easily attained - and for some, exploring the boundaries sparks their musical creativity..

London Power builds amps and preamps for guitar and bass which encompass that safe range of tones plus a lot more. We empower the player to find his or her own Ultimate Tone through means not usually open to the player. In most amps, the designer voices the amp for a given character and that is what the player has to use. London Power gives the player access to many of those voicing choices, so he or she can explore ranges of tone that were previously unavailable without buying a second or third amplifier. Once you've set the amp up how you like it you might only use a few of the panel controls. This does not indicate that you have "outgrown" the amp and could use one with fewer controls; instead, it means you have found your signature tone. You would have to buy an amp voiced as you have set ours to have your tone with a simpler front panel.

London Power designs and builds for tone. We choose components for longevity, and design the circuit for whatever tone range we need. We stay true to tones, not to circuits, although we have found some circuits to be more toneful than others. Since we only build our amps by hand in small batches, the cost of doing things this way is higher than for a mass-produced copy of brand-x. Players willing to work to get their tone will find London Power's amps to be refined and ergonomic tools in their personal Quest for Tone. That tone will be dynamic and wide ranging, and will reflect the soul of the player.

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London Power was founded in 1990 by Kevin O'Connor, after two decades of research into innovative audio amplification techniques. Kevin is an audio designer, author and speaker, known for his proprietary methodology called Power Scaling, and for his eleven books on audio subjects. Whether you seek amps, kits or information, you'll find useful answers here on not just the "how" but the "why" of audio amplifier design. Please enjoy the information on this site, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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