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Build a Stand-Alone Tube Preamp for Guitar or Bass

The London Power Preamp Kits series allows hobbyists to build a stand-alone tube preamp for guitar or bass. The PSU-PRE power supply supports up to six tubes and allows multiple preamp kits to be combined to create a multi-voice system. London Power's Galactic Ground is used for low noise and low hum. For the ultimate noise performance, add a QS-LV Quiet Supply active hum filter. For elaborate preamps incorporating up to ten tubes, use the PSU-20L actively regulated power supply.

Each kit uses a silk-screened fibreglass-epoxy printed circuit board to make assembly quick. Tube sockets are high-quality ceramic. Kits include instructions, the printed circuit board (PCB), socket(s) and electronic components. Component packages include metal-film resistors, plastic and electrolytic capacitors and 16mm pots that accept push-on knobs.

All boards and assemblies will fit within a 1U rack-mount chassis height. Tubes and PCBs can be mounted in any orientation.

Tubes, wire and chassis are not included, as each builder will have his own preferences and aesthetic requirements.

Pssst!... We now offer a variety of chassis suitable for preamp kits and other projects - see our Rack-Mount Chassis page, or view them under Building Supplies.

The Preamp Series Kits include:

  PSU-PRE - Power Supply for Tube Preamp

  REV - LP-Style Preamp Loop

  LINE - Dual Output Buffer

  D-PRE - Mini-Marshmallow Preamp

  F-PRE - American-Style Preamp

  LP-PRE - London Power 2-Channel Guitar Preamp

  M-PRE - British-Style Preamp

  S-PRE - London Power Spectrum Bass Preamp

  V-PRE - Vox-Style Preamp

  Z-PRE - High-Gain Preamp Kit

Preamp Kits


Combine a tube preamp with PSU-PRE tand GND o make a stand-alone preamp.

Please also review the Safety page on this site.

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