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Music Equipment Builders/Restorers


Mark Stephenson hand builds all-tube combos and heads, with rave reviews from North American and European studios. He also builds great detuned cabinets.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

PO Box 176
Parksville, British Columbia, CANADA  V9P 2G4

Lehnert Amps!

Sweden rules!

Our friend Ola Lehnert in Stockholm builds toneful Lehnert tube combo amps with Power Scaling. These are ideal players' amps: simple controls, versatile tones and great sound from a compact package. Users have been very satisfied. Check out the Rambler and the Sunbeam!

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling


One of the top techs anywhere! If you are in the Maritimes (Canada's lovely Atlantic coast) or nearby, Rick Hayward can fix almost anything with tubes.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

7 Oxford Crescent
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, CANADA  A1N 2X7

TubeWonder Amps!

Sweden rules!

Aleksander Niemand in Gothenburg, Sweden keeps himself busy building his Tubewonder heads and matching cabs, in a cheerful array of colours. And they sound great, too! They are designed for studio musicians, but they're great on stage as well!



Manny Bettencourt is a knowledgeable and friendly East-Coast amp builder who can repair, modify or build you an amp at a reasonable price. Check out his selection of kits and parts!

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

Canada! Davies Audio

Cory Davies builds tweed-style guitar amps with Power Scaling. His years of experience guarantee great tone with quiet operation. He has installed Power Scaling in many amplifier brands, and can troubleshoot your DIY amp constructions.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

2550 Pass Creek Rd
Castlegar, British Columbia  V1N 4T5 Canada



Oxygen Audio hand crafts 18W tube guitar amps in heads and combo formats.Great care is taken to make these amps as quiet as possible so all that is left is great tone.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

phone:  (778) 808-587
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Analog Bros logo

The Analog Brothers build custom rack-mount tube amps. Jim Hildenberger is the friendly and knowledgeable proprietor.


Synth modules built the way nature intended: by hand and all-tube. Premier quality and unparalleled tone.


Guy Hedrick builds an integrated amp chain using a small amp to drive a large amp. Two voices are provided in the small amp. Speaker cabinets that match the amp head are also available.

Tel: 810-254-5717      Fax: 810-254-5486


Andy Marshall has been designing and building great quality guitar amps and accessories since the 1980s.

4816 15th Avenue NW
Seattle, Washington 98107-4717 USA



Now a brand name for St. Louis Music, along with Crate. Info about new products and history of the old.


Tony at MasterTone Amplifiers sells parts and kits for most single-ended amps including Valve Juniors, Fender Champs and Blackheart amps, and sells fully modified amps direct from his web site and via eBay.


Rob Fowler in Cambridge, Ontario builds a variety of good low-watt tube combo amps, heads, and speaker cabs for serious players.

Canada! Tube Amp Technologies

Brian Ohman repairs both tube and solid-state guitar amps. He has built a Power Scaling guitar amp and can perform Power Scale installs in any guitar amp.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

Tel: 705-833-1234
Central Ontario, an hour north of Toronto

King Amplification
King Amplification


To quote the King himself:
"All-tube hand-wired amplification with the design and manufacturing sensibilities from the tube revolution of the 40s and 50s - when the art of amplification and accuracy of tone were valued above all else."

Val is introducing Power Scaling on his line of King amps, and also does Power Scale installations.

"The classical tradition of tone."

Val King / King Amplification
Tel: 408-436-1245
741 E Brokaw Rd
San Jose, California  95112 USA

USA ACR Amplification

Albert Rivera repairs, modifies and custom builds tube guitar amps. Impeccable hand construction without any preconceptions. To keep the volcano happy, he can install Power Scaling in your amp.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

Tel: 808-292-8331
706 Hoopai St
Pearl City, HAWAII  96782 USA

Garnet Amps

Our friend Garnet Gillies, creator of the famous HERZOG (as described in our TUT3) passed away in 2006, but not before writing his book The How and Why of Guitar Tube Amps as "Gar" Sees It.


• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

c/o The Old Foundry
Tantarra street
Walsall, West Midlands, Great Britain WS1 2HU
TEL: 07763 127166

(site temporarily unavailable)

A rebel with a cause - great sound!
Ray Champagne hand builds all-tube heads and combos for rockers and country dudes alike.

PO Box 2145
Stony Plain, Alberta, CANADA T7Z 1X6


MJW Amplification logo

Martin Whelan of MJW Amplification (formerly Martamp) has a growing business based in North Derbyshire, England, and offers servicing and custom builds of tube-based guitar and bass amps, and PA equipment. Knowledgeable, high-quality service and design!

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling


Ed Thoen builds a line of "micro" amps he calls Pico Plexi Heads. He also builds a range of boost pedals including an improved Tube Screamer with a tube added. A smart and decent fellow who is the only authorized Power Scale installer in The Netherlands.

• Authorized installer of Power Scaling

Yellowcab Amplification


Andrei Federov's hand-crafted cabinets sound as good as they look.



Mario Punsola builds beautiful amps, cabinets and other valve equipment. Power Scaling can be added to his models or to your own amp. MPF-Sound does mainrtenance and repairs,as well. Cardedeu Barcelona Spain

Parts Vendors

Amptek logo

AMPTEK is your source in Spain for vacuum tubes, capacitors, transformers, and amplifier accessories. Lots of literature, too. See their "George" tube amps! This site is in Spanish.

• Retailer of Power Press books

New Sensor logo

Mike Matthews and company created the Sovtek name and supplied the Western world with inexpensive tubes. Lots of parts here to build or service any type of guitar amp.

Antique logo

Antique Electronic Supply. Tubes, books, transformers, sockets, friendly folks, capacitors, resistors, literature, cabinet restoration materials, wire, grill cloth, gifts, tools, information... did we mention friendly folks? Online catalogue too!

• Retailer of Power Press books

Digi-Key logo

Digi-Key is a distributor of electronic components, supplies, test equipment, and accessories. Online ordering available. Fast service.

Electrosonic logo

Electrosonic is a comprehensive source of diverse electronic parts and accessories. Shop online or by phone.


Mal and Carole O'Neill at EVATCO offer almost everything for the vintage amplifier or radio enthusiast! Hard-to-find vacuum tubes are a specialty. Visit the "Project Page" for great pix of projects using Hammond products.

• Retailer of Power Press books

The Tube Store logo

The Tube Store is a convenient North American source of tubes and amp accessories. Easy-to-search online catalogue!

• Retailer of Power Press books

LH Musik logo
Sweden rules!

Swedish source of interesting music and audio supplies and parts. Many music and audio books are available, for musicians, techs and tinkerers. Web site is in Swedish - sells within Sweden only.

• Retailer of Power Press books

Mouser logo

Mouser Electronics is a source of a wide range of parts, with superior customer service and a great web site.


Lots of surplus parts at good prices. Be warned, though: know what you want, do not ask questions.



Your one-stop web-shop in Finland for components and replacement parts for all kinds of electronic musical equipment. Customers get free technical consultation ... now that's service!

Web site is in Finnish, naturally, but they are working on an English version!

• Retailer of Power Press books

Parts Connexion logo

The Parts Connexion (note the spelling) is a new company, taking the place of the defunct "Parts Connection" which was a division of Sonic Frontiers. The new folks promise an even greater selection.

Weber logo  

Weber produces faithful copies of vintage Jensen instrument speakers. Now standard equipment in many boutique amps.

Component Manufacturers




The best value in toroidal output and power transformers. Custom and standard PT designs. Richard's modesty is only surpassed by his brilliance; the OTs he designed for us set a new standard of performance. All of London Power's PTs and OTs are SumR creations.



Quality small-signal audio transformers designed and built by nice people.

Hammond logo  

Still a family-run business after 75 years! Makers of a wide range of affordable, high quality transformers, chassis and enclosures. To find "tube type" or "classic" transformers on their site, click on "Electronic Transformers".


Toroidal transformer specialists, manufacturing high quality, wide bandwidth, low-THD audio OTs - plus, a wide range of standard power transformers.

Lundahl logo
Sweden rules!

Manufacturer of quality audio transformers and tube amplifier transformers, which can be found in the majority of Europe's music and radio stations. Lars Lundahl, M.Sc. in electrical engineering, founded the company in his garage in 1960. We can vouch for how nice the Lundahls are, because we've met them.

Eimac logo  

Manufacturing tubes since 1934. Great source of high-power triodes, tetrodes and pentodes for audio, ham or RF, and first-hand info about these tubes and their applications.

Now a division of Communications & Power Industries.

Reference & Interest

Ampage logo

Discussion forums, homebrew gallery, tube data, amp schematics - and links to more schematics, resources, services, and manufacturers.

GEO Logo

Contains R.G. Keen's renowned Tube Amp FAQ, Guitar Effects FAQ, and Tube Amp Debugging Page. Lots of expert tips on building your own gear. Sometimes he has oddball parts available.


Cybermonk's very comprehensive collection of amp data and system theories. Highly recommended!



About London Power

London Power was founded in 1990 by Kevin O'Connor, after two decades of research into innovative audio amplification techniques. Kevin is an audio designer, author and speaker, known for his proprietary methodology called Power Scaling, and for his eleven books on audio subjects. Whether you seek amps, kits or information, you'll find useful answers here on not just the "how" but the "why" of audio amplifier design. Please enjoy the information on this site, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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