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X224 is an electronic crossover providing high-pass and low-pass outputs with 24db/octave slopes.

  • 2-way crossover
  • 24db/octave slopes
  • optimal phase resposne for hifi audio
  • Riley-Linkwitz alignment or conventional
  • can be set for any crossover frequency
  • can be set for asymmetric frequencies
  • uses standard dual opamps - 5532 or 4562
  • board size 3x2.5" 76x64mm

X224 is designed to split the audio range into smaller portions for bi-amplified systems, where one might have separate bass and treble amps, or for a subwoofer and satelite system. Cascade two X224s for a three-way system.

X224 operates from regulated supplies of +/-12V to +/-18V.

The free version of this info package, X224 FREE (254KB) includes enough material for the home hobbyist to make his or her own printed circuit board. The download includes the following PDFs:

  • schematic
  • parts overlay
  • top foil
  • bottom foil
  • bill of materials

Click HERE to download X224 FREE.

X224 COMPLETE (608KB) includes all of the above info, plus extensive notes detailing how the filter works and how to set the frequency, how to design for Riley-Linkwitz alignment or for conventional; how to use two X224s to make a 3-way crossover, includes Gerber and Excellon files for manufacturing a PCB, supply requirements. X224 COMPLETE includes:

  • schematic
  • parts overlay
  • top foil
  • bottom foil
  • comprehensive notes - 4 pages
  • Gerber and Excellon files
  • safety notes

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