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Hifi amplifiers and systems present many challanges with as many solutions as there are enthusiasts. Linear technologies utilising vacuum tubes and/or solid-state devices are considered to be "mature", yet there are many misunderstandings about linear circuits and of sound itself that need to be dealt with. The linear realm is the most accessible and the most satisfying to work in for most tinkerers - digital still has a long way to go but is making huge strides.

Kevin O'Connor's experience in hifi amp design goes back to the 1970s, and has remained current with the latest developments in linear circuit design. Audio designers over the ages have often misinterpreted their circuit development results, and many "rules of thumb" have been followed that are simply incorrect  and out-dated, and the new Audio Enlightenment book series addresses these issues. The first four volumes have already been mapped out with much of their content already in place.

AEv1: Sound Foundations covers the nature of sound, how our hearing evolved, how the Fletcher-Munson graphs have been misinterpretted, human scale perception of sound, how to reproduce sound in our homes, theatre sound, car audio issues, bass myths, bass "slam", and foundations for electronics tinkerin, including standards, operating class, proper grounding and wiring, and understanding feedback.

AEv2: Tube Power Amp Design details the use of vacuum tubes for power amplifiers. Traditional and modern circuit designs are illustrated, along with discussions about toroidal output transformers and preferred methods of design. Simple design procedures are given for both single-ended and push-pull output stages. Power supplies that are low noise are also detailed.

AEv3: Solid-State Power Amp Design discusses the evolution of solid-state power amp design, highlighting many of the mistruths and inappropriate "rules of thumb" applied over the years. Both voltage feedback and current feedback designs are considered, along with investigations into output impedance, Gm-doubling, crossover issues, output stages with gain, nested feedback, and other topics. Power supply issues are covered along with proper wiring for low noise.

AEv4: Headphone Amplifiers covers the design of small amplifiers suited to driving headphones, along with a discussion of the power requirements and safety issues of headphones. The unique aspects of electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) headphones is explored along with drive circuits from commercial sources and alternative designs. Power supplies and wiring are detailed.

Note that those who have placed pre-orders for DSN-1 (Designer Notes vol.1) will receive AEv1 and AEv2. This covers the topics originally described for DSN-1.

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LIC - Technology Licence (per unit, for commercial builders and installers)

LIC - Technology Licence (per unit, for commercial builders and installers)


NOTE: Installations and constructions using London Power kits are inherently licenced, and no add.....

MOLS - My Own Loudspeaker System

MOLS - My Own Loudspeaker System


My Own Loudspeaker System By Giovanni Bianchi, ©2015, ISBN 978-0-9781311-2-8   .....

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