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FPM converts the preamp channels in a vintage Fender amp to those of the "LPSP" London Power Standard Preamp described in our book, The Ultimate Tone (TUT).

- retain Fender clean sound
- add a lead channel without sacrificing tremolo
- both channels get reverb/tremolo (where available)
- use in any 2-channel Fender amp built on eyelet boards (up to mid-1980s)
- use ERK (Electronic Relay Kit) for easy channel switching
- no drilling
- uses existing front panel holes

FPM is easily applied to any Fender amp with a 'Normal' channel and a 'Vibrato-Reverb / Bright / Deep' channel, each with its own EQ. When completed, you'll have the same clean sound, but now you can dial up an over-drive or distortion tone. This can be tailored to your own taste from 'mild' to 'hot', 'domestic' to 'European'.

Adding the ERK Electronic Relay Kit allows remote selection through a footswitch.

All resistors and capacitors, and the drive control are supplied. The mod uses the existing pair of dedicated preamp tubes. Both of the new sounds go through the reverb and tremolo (where available).

The FPM includes complete installation notes with helpful schematic and layout diagrams of the kit.

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