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Order 100 or 1000. Bulk eyelets for your building needs.

Two-hundred eyelets is typically enough to build a conventional amp (e.g., Plexi, Deluxe, etc.). Approximately 400 eyelets are needed to build the Standard Amp project from our book, The Ultimate Tone, Vol. 5 (TUT5).


Order 100 eyelets for $9, or 1000 for $84.

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London Power was founded in 1990 by Kevin O'Connor, after two decades of research into innovative audio amplification techniques. Kevin is an audio designer, author and speaker, known for his proprietary methodology called Power Scaling, and for his eleven books on audio subjects. Whether you seek amps, kits or information, you'll find useful answers here on not just the "how" but the "why" of audio amplifier design. Please enjoy the information on this site, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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