TX976 - 50-100W Output Transformer


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Hobbyists and amp builders can now use the same high-quality transformers and chokes found in London Power's own amp line. Our output transformers feature direct-impedance matching, ultralinear taps, flux band, and wide power bandwidth.


  • Direct impedance taps for 2, 4, 8 and 16 ohms
  • 4k3 plate-to-plate
  • Ultralinear taps
  • Hifi bandwidth to 60W
  • MI bandwidth to 120W
  • Shielded black powder-coated end bells
  • Flux band
  • X-mount (vertical; 4-bolt)
  • 18" stranded leads
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs., 3.1 kg

Applications: Used conservatively in our 50W amps and the new 100W 4-tube amp kits. Easily replaces Marshall 100W OTs while retaining direct matching to any speaker load. Use it with the 270HX/370HX to make a heavy-duty AC-30. Replaces Traynor YBA-1A OT for 80W output and matching to any load.

Use a pair with 278CX/378CX for 60+60W hifi or 80+80W MI. For hifi, a pair of KT-88s or 6550s can easily drive TX976 to 100W. Use the Low-Z drive circuit shown in our book DSN-1 (Designer Series Notes vol.1) to extend bandwidth.

Dimensions: 3.8H x 3.2W x 4.2D (over end bells),  97 x 82 x107mm

Mounting: X-style:3 x 2.5", 76 x 64mm

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