LIC - Technology Licence (per unit, for commercial builders and installers)


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NOTE: Installations and constructions using London Power kits are inherently licenced, and no additional licence needs to be purchased.

Self-serve licensing allows commercial builders and installers to privately acknowledge the source of their circuits without necessarily having to do so on their websites or ad copy. Your self-serve purchase of licensing through our online store guarantees anonymity of design to your customers. Conversely, if you wish to be listed on our website as a "licenced" builder, please contact London Power.

With our Technology Licence at $5 per unit built, builders and techs installing Power Scaling or any other London Power technology into amplifiers can build with their own parts and still have sanctioned installations with tech support (see "Examples" below).

You will receive a receipt by mail as proof of your licence(s) purchase.

Are you using our preamps in your commercial builds? Our effects loops? Our power supply or switching circuit ideas? Or Power Scaling, Super Scaling, RmX, GmX, ZmX, ZBX techniques? All of these can be covered by a single license fee per unit fitted. For example, your amp fitted with our Best All-tube Effects Loop from our book, The Ultimate Tone (TUT), using a high-gain preamp idea from TUT6, a switching circuit from TUT2, and a Sustain circuit from TUT4 can be commercially reproduced "in the light of day" for a single LIC fee per amplifier.

Builders working at a mass production scale should contact London Power about negotiated licence rates.

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London Power was founded in 1990 by Kevin O'Connor, after two decades of research into innovative audio amplification techniques. Kevin is an audio designer, author and speaker, known for his proprietary methodology called Power Scaling, and for his eleven books on audio subjects. Whether you seek amps, kits or information, you'll find useful answers here on not just the "how" but the "why" of audio amplifier design. Please enjoy the information on this site, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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