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London Power DIY Speaker Cabinets for Musical Instrument Applications

By Kevin O'Connor, ©2001, ISBN 0-9698-608-9-7

     78 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2, spiral bound with clear covers;
     48 figures (schematic diagrams)

A handy booklet based on Kevin's own experience building speakers over the past thirty years, and on information from expert driver and cabinet designers.

Learn why speaker cabinets are built the way they are, and gain the knowledge to select speaker attributes for your own needs and taste.

This booklet removes the mystery of good-sounding speaker cabinet design for guitar, bass and keyboards. Can you mix different driver sizes? Can you mix drivers of different impedances or different power ratings? Should you use pine or plywood? What brand of driver should you use? It's all here.

Traditional design evolution is explored, along with solutions to age-old problems. Topics covered are: construction materials, woodworking methods, finish applications from paint to Tolex, wiring details, driver selection, making new drivers sound like vintage units, and shop safety. Myths are debunked, and the truth about cabinet design is presented in a very readable way.

Dare to design bad tone out of your life!

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