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Add PA-BLT to your order of a power amp kit, to receive that kit pre-assembled. This applies to:

- PA66-10
- PA66-25
- PA66-976
- PA portion of AMP-10
- PA portion of AMP-25
- PA portion of AMP-50

Note that if you have ordered multiple power amp kits, a separate PA-BLT is required for each kit if you want them assembled. In other words, adding one PA-BLT gets only one PA-kit assembled.

If you are ordering any of the AMP packages, add PSU-BLT to have the power supply portion pre-assembled; add PA-BLT to have the power amp portion pre-assembled.

Note that the PA66 board can be stuffed two ways: with the components on the same side as the tube sockets, or with the components on the opposite side from the tube sockets. If you are building an amp in which the tubes will poke through the chassis and be externally accessible, the "opposite parts" orientation is used. Please specify the orientation required when ordering PA-BLT.

Note that assembly only includes those components mounted on the PCB. The output transformer fly-leads will not be wired to the board.

Note also that the assembled board is bulkier than the package of loose parts, so shipping will be a little more.

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