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BL20 is the "Baby" Leach amp. Where most similar designs are aimed at 100W+, BL20 is targeted for <100W per channel. In these days of multi-channel surround systems and bi-amping, few people actually need so much power per channel.

  • fully symmetrical circuitry
  • 14 transistors
  • Locanthi-T triple-EF output
  • flexible compensation options
  • board size: 3.2x3.5" 81x89mm

BL20 uses modern high-beta beta-sustaining output and driver devices to produce up to 100W, but is optimally designed for powers up to 60W. As its name suggests, BL20 can be used for 20W with +/-24V supplies. The original Marshall Leach "Low-TIM" design from 1976 is the basis for the BL20. We have added optional forms of compensation that the builder can experiment with.

There is no protection circuitry on-board.

The free version of this info package, BL20 FREE (392 KB) includes enough info for the home hobbyist to make his or her own printed circuit boards, and includes the following PDFs:

  • schematic
  • parts overlay
  • top foil
  • bottom foil
  • bill of materials

Click HERE to download BL20 FREE.

BL20 COMPLETE (2,056 KB) includes all of the above info, plus comprehensive notes detailing how the circuit works, how to substitute components, how to use the flexible compensation options, proper wiring, building a power supply, Gerber and Excellon files for professionally manufactured PCBs, and saftey notes. BL20 COMPLETE includes:

  • schematic
  • parts overlay
  • top foil
  • bottom foil
  • comprehensive notes - 16 pages
  • Gerber and Excellon files
  • power supply design
  • safety notes

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