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The "GmX" effect is the difference of sound between a 50W amp with two power tubes and a 100W amp with four power tubes. The effect is described in the Plexi chapter of our book The Ultimate Tone, Vol. 3 (TUT3) and taken to extremes in our book TUT4. Now any push-pull tube amp can have the feel of a much larger amp with the simple addition of the GMX-KIT. A pot provides continuously variable control over how much of the GmX effect is added.

As a "feel enhancer" the GMX-KIT requires minimal heat-sinking; bolting it to the chassis will suffice. For use as a "power enhancer", more significant cooling is required.

The GMX-KIT can be used in any push-pull amplifier, whether cathode-biased or fixed-biased - up to 400W nominal output and with supply voltages up to 800Vdc. PCB construction shortens assembly time and assures proper voltage spacings.

The GMX-KIT board has provisions for adding meter jacks to monitor the tube currents as part of normal biasing procedures.

Standard wiring uses the plate supply to support GMX-KIT's control circuitry. Provisions on the PCB allow our Opamp Supply Derived from Heater (PSU-OPA) split-rail supply to be used, in turn allowing a chip upgrade for slightly better performance.

Instructions included.

PCB size: 4.55" x 2" (116mm x 51mm)

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