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The London Power PA66-10 Octal Push-Pull tube power amplifier can be used with any of the common octal-based output tubes that use the standard pin-out, including 6CA7, 6L6, 6V6, 5881, 6550, EL-34, KT-66, KT-77, KT-88 and their variants. Each power tube has its own bias adjustment and monitoring jack, so that tubes can be mixed as well. Builders can use whatever tube types they wish to fit.

Extensive notes illustrate many options that the PA66-10 accommodates, including: triode, pentode, ultralinear modes and/or switching; post-PI master volume; Drive Compensation in one of two places when Power Scaling is used; Body control; negative feedback loop; 'presence' control; fixed-bias or cathode biasing; fixed/cathode bias switching.

Switching between fixed-bias and cathode-bias can be "global" (both tubes) or independent. Independent bias switching allows one tube to be operated with fixed-bias while the other is cathode biased. Manual switches can be used (not supplied) or relays. Our PA66-CR is a kit of the relays, and its use greatly simplifies the switching. Our PA66-S1 package includes the relays plus one panel switch for global bias switching. Our PA66-S2 provides the relays plus two panel switches for independent bias switching. The relays mount directly on the PA66 board.

PA66-10 uses London Power's custom toroidal 10W output transformer that provides full audio power bandwidth, suitable for hifi or musical instruments. As a guitar amp, the full bandwidth design assures consistent tone when Power Scaling from full output down to milliwatts.

For even more tonal options, add another pair of output tubes with our PX66-COMP Power Expander. You don't need four octals to achieve 10W, but you can have "100W of tone".

The board has "reversible" component mounting positions allowing internal or external tubes. In both mountings, bias pots and meter jacks are accessed in the same fashion as the tubes themselves.

The board is also "splittable" where the front-end circuit and output stage can be separated physically to fit into different-sized spaces or for a different tube layout. Simply snap the board along the V-groove before or after mounting the components.

PCB size: 7.3" x 2.4" (186 x 61mm)

OT size: 4"D x 1.5"H (102mm x 38mm)

PA66-10 (PCB + Components + 10W Tx) includes the PCB, kit notes, all components that mount on the board, meter jacks, TS-1/4" input and output jacks, and a London Power 10W toroidal output transformer. The builder can select their own tubes. This version can be used as a hi-fi amp up to 10W.

Power Requirements: 320Vdc - 100mA, 12Vac - 150mA, 2x 6Vac - 450mA-2A, -50V - 3mA

Recommended Power Supply: PSU-10 mono, PSU-25 stereo

 Kit requires assembly. If you would like to receive your PA66-10 with the PCB pre-assembled, add PA-BLT for each power amp requiring assembly. The assembled board is bulkier than the loose parts, so shipping will be slightly higher.

Tubes are not included.

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