MOS - Replacement Mosfet + Thermopad


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Did you damage the mosfet in your London Power kit installation? It always saves time to follow the advice in the kit notes, but if you need to replace the mosfet, MOS is the correct part for the job.

MOS is a replacement mosfet that is the same type used in London Power's Power Scaling Kits, QS-LV and QS-HV Quiet Supply kits, VCK Voltage Clamp kit, and PSU Power Supplies, such as PSU-TPA, PSU-10, PSU-25 and PSU-50.

A replacement thermopad is included.

Be sure to deburr the mounting hole - no sharp edges.

Be sure to remove paint and sand the mounting surface flat and smooth (not required on plated or anodised surfaces).

Be sure to position the mosfet where there is ample ventilation to the outside of the chassis - of course, the mosfet is mounted inside the chassis for safety reasons.

Be sure to snug the mounting nut and bolt - do not over-tighten.

Be sure to read the kit notes completely and thoroughly - follow the advice within them - take your time.

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