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We don't normally brag, but this is the best master volume on the planet! Truly transparent. No tone change with setting. And easy to install.

The majority of guitar and bass amps use a Schmitt splitter for the front-end of the power amp. The LP-MV becomes a part of the phase-inverter - not "pre-PI"; not "post-PI" - but embedded as one with the splitter, giving truly outstanding performance. Most MVs that are fitted to amps at the factory or by techs as after-market add-ons change the tone as you sweep the control from zero to maximum. The LP-MV does not. It is transparent in its function while reducing the signal that reaches the output.

Note that if you already have a master volume and you usually set it to above the point of tone change, you should be looking at a Power Scaling Kit to control loudness. Your amp is already compressing or distorting and you are using that power amp effect as a part of your sound.

Our book, The Ultimate Tone Vol. 4 (TUT4) explains in detail how the LP-MV operates.

The LP-MV comes with kit notes that include helpful tips and a schematic diagram of the kit.

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