2U-13 - Two Rack Space Chassis 13" deep


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Aluminum rack-mount chassis 2U tall (3.5", 88mm) and 13" deep (330mm). Textured black paint, except on the interchangeable front and rear panels which are smooth white and smooth black.

This chassis is ideal for a single or multiple preamp kit(s) plus power supply. For instance, our PSU-PRE preamp power supply mounts horizontally, with the PRE board(s) mounted vertically using right-angle brackets. Tubes are typically horizontal, but can be vertical if an insulating board is sandwiched between the chassis bottom and the audio PCB. Ventilation is good. Use with any of these London Power kits: F-PRE, D-PRE, LP-PRE, M-PRE, S-PRE or Z-PRE, and/or with BFX and LINE.

Ideal for fully featured stand-alone effects loops using our BFX kit or multiple BFXs powered by PSU-PRE.

PA84 will fit but the our octal power amp kit (PA66) may not unless the tubes are external through the top of the chassis.

Note that where PSU-PRE will support up to six preamp tubes, PSU-20L/10 will support 20 while providing active hum filtering for the plate supply and a regulated 12V heater/relay supply.

See our Rack-Mount Chassis page for more information.

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