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"MI" stands for Musical Instrument. Downloadable electronic designs for circuits used with musical instruments - guitar, bass, keyboard, voice. Downloads include PDFs or JPGs of the schematic, board layout, circuit description, parts list. Information is provided to allow the hobbyist to make his own PCB, or to have them made by a PCB house.

Simpler projects will be built on eyelet boards (see the CCK Circuit Card Kit) ) or perf-board, or may use a major component to support the rest of the circuit. Complex circuits may have printed circuit board (PCB) layouts. What is available for each project varies with the project's construction method. >PCB info is provided as PDFs where eyelet board layouts are JPGs.

The FREE download of each design (link in product description) includes a  schematic of the circuit, PDFs of the front and back circuit board foils, PDFs of the parts layout & parts list, and our Safety page.

The COMPLETE download of each design includes all the the above, with the addition of Gerber and Excellon files to manufacture the PCB, a PDF with extensive implementation guidelines and options for modifying the circuit, for selecting substitute components, and for selecting and constructing a power supply. A modest fee is required to access the COMPLETE notes.

The projects here are for personal use and education. Please see the SAFETY guidelines elsewhere on this site. London Power is not liable for personal injury or damage caused by misinterpretation or errors of assembly by the builder or due to design errors.


T5 - Switching Update

T5 - Switching Update


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