AMP-25 - 25W Tube Power Amp with Matching Power Supply


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AMP-25 is a 25W tube power amp with a matching power supply.

AMP-25 is comprised of two elements:

  • Our PA66-25 Push-Pull Power Amp using standard octal-based power tubes
  • Our PSU-25 Super-Quiet Power Supply for tube amps

  • toroidal output transformer
  • toroidal power transformer
  • Japan-compatible 100-120-240V mains
  • uses 12A_7 for front-end
  • safe voltages for NOS tubes (420Vdc)

If you buy both PA66-25 and PSU-25 kits separately, the combined price = $626, but the price of AMP-25 = only $564. Save $62!

This amplifier can use any of the standard octal-based power tubes, or even mixes of tubes. The power supply provides all the voltages required for a tube power amp and preamp, along with auxiliary voltages for switching circuits or opamps.

See the detailed descriptions of the two kits:



Kit requires assembly. If you would like this kit assembled, add PSU-BLT to have the power supply portion pre-assembled, and add PA-BLT to have the power amp portion pre-assembled. The transformer fly-leads will NOT be attached to the boards. The assembled boards are bulkier than the loose parts, so shipping is slightly higher.

AMP-25 can be combined with any London Power tube preamp kit (D-PRE, F-PRE, LP-PRE, M-PRE, S-PRE, V-PRE, Z-PRE), effects loop kit (BFX), and/or reverb kit (REV, REV-COMP) to create an integrated amp.

Add GND Ground-Link-Isolator to avoid ground loops with other mains-powered equipment.

Use two AMP-25s for stereo.

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