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Linear Audio Tools for the Recording Studio

Over twenty years ago, London Power began 'The Quiet Revolution' when we introduced the first commercially available guitar tube amplifier with Power Scaling. Our focus has always been to provide thoughtfully designed equipment with extreme versatility, low noise, and the best note articulation possible; to build exemplary products that are at once familiar yet far-reaching in their advancement of the art of guitar amp design; to provide equipment that empowers and inspires the player to new levels of expression and musical satisfaction; and to assure longevity of service that only analog circuitry and discreet-component construction can offer.

We do things linearly, which these days means we are doing things "the hard way". But it is also the way all of the Icons of Tone were built back in the day, so it is truly the best way to produce those beloved tones and the ones that evolved from them.

All London Power studio equipment is designed and built in Canada. Hand assembled. Hand soldered. Hand tested. Specialty tools built by artisans for artisans.

London Power Studio Equipment Stack

London Power Studio AmpPower Scaling All-Tube Power Amplifiers (0-25W, 2U)
$2,820 (approx $1,974us)

  • STUDIO uses all octal-based power tubes
  • KC25 uses EL-84 power tubes

STUDIO is the world's first production guitar amp with Power Scaling, allowing players to use output stage compression and distortion effects within the Human Scale of loudness. STUDIO has always been in a class of its own - truly unique - with a range of tonal expression far beyond traditional tube amps, and capable of using all the common octal-based power tubes in singles, in pairs and in mixed pairs... Read More

London Power KC25 AmplifierKC25 is a variation of STUDIO that utilises EL-84 output tubes, making KC25 the most versatile EL-84 amp on the planet. KC25 can be operated with a single power tube or in pairs; in class-A or class-AB or mixed classes; in a wide range of output stage operating modes and combinations... Read More

London Power Bass AmpAll-Tube Bass Preamplifier (2U)
$2,640 (approx $1,848us)

All-tube Bass Preamplifier (ATBP) is an evolution of London Power's Spectrum bass amp design, creating classic bass tones with ease yet capable of much more. ATBP accommodates active and passive basses easily, providing clean headroom or tube compression as the player wishes. Four tubes do everything. A fully-featured effects loop and two independent outputs allow many system options... Read More

3-D Analog Reverb Systems
$2,430 (approx $1,701us) Tube Drive
$2,010 (aprox $1,340us) Solid-State Drive


London Power's analog reverb units use a full-length Accutronics delay line with either proprietary tube drive and recovery circuitry, or with specially voiced solid-state drive and recovery. All units are 1U. Each is offered with or without LEDs on the front panel, as the aesthetics for home use and for studio use are different.

  • 3-D T     tube drive and recovery, no panel LEDs
  • 3-D TL  tube drive and recovery, with panel LEDs
  • 3-D S    solid-state drive and recovery, no panel LEDs
  • 3-D SL  solid-state drive and recovery, with panel LEDs

London Power 3-D Reverb System from AboveLondon Power's 3-D tube reverb is legendary in its warmth and clarity. Today's 3-D offers this same quality with modern connectivity and now in a smaller package of just 1U. Our proprietary push-pull reverb driver produces warm tube tone but with much greater clarity and lower noise than tradition tube drivers. Recovery of the reverb sound from the full-length Accutronics delay line is all-tube... Read More

3-D Stereo Analog Reverb System (Solid-State, 1U)
In our digital age, many producers and sound engineers want to warm up the sound with analog equipment, but not everyone wants to use tubes to do that. London Power has an all-solid-state version of the 3-D Stereo Analog Reverb System just for them. A full-length Accutronics delay line provides the core sound, with carefully designed and voiced driver and recovery stages... Read More


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About London Power

London Power was founded in 1990 by Kevin O'Connor, after two decades of research into innovative audio amplification techniques. Kevin is an audio designer, author and speaker, known for his proprietary methodology called Power Scaling, and for his eleven books on audio subjects. Whether you seek amps, kits or information, you'll find useful answers here on not just the "how" but the "why" of audio amplifier design. Please enjoy the information on this site, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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